Apply These 8 Secret steps To Improve Eyelash Extension Application

    The beauty industry has witnessed it all when it comes to eyelashes – magnifying mascaras, lash growth serums, heated curlers and so much more! But, no trend beats eyelash extensions. When they first hit the mainstream, it seemed a painless way to get wispy, long, fluttering, and beautiful eyelashes without the inconveniences of falsies and mascara. But, just like other beauty services, lash extensions require their aftercare.

    But, it surely is worth waking up with long and luscious lashes every morning.

    Eyelash extensions are an art. And art needs to be done peacefully. Quality lash extensions mean more clients. As lash artists, time is very important for us. If we can provide you the best quality service in less time, then it’s a win-win for us as well as our clients.

    So, read on! We have mentioned these secret techniques to improve eyelash extensions –


    Step 1. Always apply under-eye stickers 

    Whenever you apply under eye stickers or gel patches, make sure they are placed not too close to the eyes. The sticker has to be placed over the lower lashes, around 3 to 4 mm from the lower lash line. Also, check that there is no gap left and the upper and lower lid forms a seal.


    Step 2. Choosing the right extensions 

    Use three different lengths of extensions ranging from 6 to 14 mm in length. Using 8 mm lash extensions in the inner corners of the eye is an ideal length. This helps in avoiding the typical clown-like look. To create a thick lash line, you can use these 8mm extensions all across the eyes and between the longer extensions. Failure to mix these short extensions will lead to empty gaps that will make the eyelash extensions look like spider legs. Finer extensions give a very natural look whereas thicker ones give a more dramatic look.


    Step 3. Spread and Pick-up 

    Spread out the lashes on your vinyl pad which is designed for quick pick up of extensions. Orient these extensions properly in the tweezers. Extensions should be oriented at an angle of 90° for a quick and accurate application.


    Step 4. Dip, dip, dip 

    You must hold the extensions from their tapered end. With the help of tweezers, dip the extensions in an adhesive at the base of the eyelash extensions. Make sure to remove off any excess before applying.


    Step 5. Isolate and Swipe properly 

    Separate the natural lash with curved tweezers. While you hold the extensions from their tapering end, swipe the extensions properly along the lash. Then, coat the natural lash with an adhesive from the base to its tip so that there are no gaps.


    Step 6. Set them well

    After swiping the natural lashes with adhesive, start setting the extension lashes on your natural lashes about ½ to 1 mm away from the eyelid. Slowly, release the extension on the natural lashes. It should face upwards and parallel to the other lashes without any beads of glue visible. After setting, do not touch the extensions. Start moving to other areas of the eyes and keep applying for the extensions until it becomes more difficult to isolate natural lashes.

    Step 7. Separate them 

    Your natural lashes and eyelash extensions should not be stuck to one another. Use tweezers and start separating the neighboring lashes or extensions from one another. This should be done horizontally, best done when the adhesive is dry, but not fully. Lashes should never be pulled in a vertical direction or tension should be placed on natural lashes. Repeat the same steps until every natural lash is separated well from the eyelash extensions.


    Step 8. Let them dry 

    When the separation of natural lashes and eyelash extension is done and the lashes are securely bonded, it is time to let the newly put up gorgeous lashes dry. Allow them to dry for 3 to 4 minutes. Mist them with some distilled water and dry again for three to four minutes. Perform the separation round once again and voila! You have the classic eyelash extensions ready.

    Once the lash application is done, aftercare of the lash extension is very important to make the most out of them.


    The bottom line 

    Lash extensions work, simple and plain. They enhance everyone’s eyelashes which mean that you get to wake up with fuller, darker, and longer lashes daily. They are expensive, agreed. But, you pay the price for the quality.

    So, if you are planning to get your eyelash extensions, have them applied by our licensed lash experts at lash extensions, Knoxville. We recommend getting the classic eyelash extensions in which each lash will be customized based on your eye shape, length, and hair color. Once you visit us, there will never be an “eyelash extension near me” search bar in your Google browser.


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